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About This Episode

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Hollywood star?

Today my guest, Eric Morris, One of the most recognized acting instructors in the world (launched several Hollywood careers including Jonny Depp, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson) joins me to shares his expertise about what makes good actors become great. He shares stories about;

1. How he ended up helping launch careers of stars like Jonny Depp, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson.
2. How acting can help overcome challenges, negative experiences & trauma faced by all human beings
3. The difference between stars who makes it in Hollywood and who don’t
4. Other surprising famous professionals that uses acting techniques to stand-out from the competition. (this was a big ah ha for me)
5. Untold stories about the journey it’s taken big stars to make it in a profession with a lot of uncertainty and no guarantees
6. What it takes to be successful in any craft in the long-run
7. The one quality that made Eric to become one of the best Acting teachers in the world
8. A different way to look at actors and acting as a profession that is different to the common believes that makes good actors great
9. How to use acting techniques to help change your self-image, confidence and relationships.
10. The one thing that Eric has done over the past 6 decades that’s kept him growing and on top.


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Book – A Second Chance At Life

About The Guest

Hollywood Acting Trainer, Author

One of the most recognized acting instructors in the world, Morris’ Career spans over sixty years with a series of eight books on the Eric Morris Acting System. As an actor, Morris has an accomplished portfolio of credits from stage, network television and major motion film. As a mentor, he has launched several Hollywood careers including Jonny Depp, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson.

Eric Morris has been teaching his unique acting system in Los Angeles, New York, and around the world for fifty-three years. His approach to acting is to teach actors “how not to act” but to become “professional experiencers.” While his techniques are solidly rooted in “the method” he has gone far beyond the original precepts of the Stanislavski system and so many of the practitioners of that approach. Eric has innovated a complete system that fulfills all the obligations of dramatic material. His system includes over three hundred exercises to liberate the actor to be “free to act.”

As an actor and instructor for almost sixty years, Eric has created hundreds of exercises and techniques designed to eliminate the obstacles, dependencies, traps, and habits that block the actor from functioning from an authentic, organic place. While developing his acting system, Morris discovered that his exercises can also benefit the participant’s mental health and well being.

In his 9th book “A Second Chance at Life Eric transforms his proprietary acting method into a therapeutic tool. By using the exercises in the book, readers can identify and repair their trauma, learn to express their emotions freely and enjoy a life of happiness and success.

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