Who is Vindya Vee?

Revolutionary Leader, Rebellious, Philanthropist, Spiritual, Dancer, Humanitatian
The Fancy Bio

The Leader of Global Movement of Extraordinary Humans

Vindya Vee is an internationally renowned High-Performance Coach who works with the world’s top 1% of talent. Her clients include business owners and executives & managers servicing Fortune 1000 companies working across 13 countries.

She is known for her unique skills in thought leadership, identifying unique talent & deep impactful coaching. She has a strong vision and great passion for supporting remarkable women create extraordinary success and exponential results.

Vindya’s dream is to help the hard-working women in our society who have a dream to not just make money but make a difference in the world.

Vindya helps women who are powerful and passionate, have a bias for action and who crave for more; breakthrough common threads, familiar mistakes, that hold them back from creating the business they love.

Her approach is powerful, direct and bold. She is known for her ability to make something that may look impossible, possible and create strategies that would serve as a catalyst for long-term change for anyone who’s ready to make an impact.

Robin YuBusiness Development Representative, Australia

“I would say I was already a self aware, confident and clear person even before our first call. Over the course of 3 calls, Vindya really helped me get to ANOTHER level on all those things in particular who I was meant to serve. Spend a few calls with this woman and great things will happen!”

Izabela KhanLife Coach, UK

“I could not praise this program enough, therefore I will encourage all of the readers to take a part in it! If you are feeling in doubt, if you are ambitious but you have lost your focus, if you need a reminder of what is important to you and even more so, if you want to learn why you are the way you are – don’t waste any more time!”

Jessica BodkinFreelancer, USA

“All the self-analyzing was difficult at times because you really have to dig inward but once you work through the program your eyes open up to values and characteristics you had no idea played such a crucial role in your life. I can't wait for more”

Ashley HudsonOwner, Boss Life, Australia

“I absolutely love working with Vindya Vee’s positive vibe.
She is the person I turn to when I’m stuck, confused and wanting to breakthrough roadblocks with clarity, understanding and focused action.
Personal coaching with Vindya helps put you at ease so you can move forward in the direction of your dreams with conviction.”

Cristina DontuPartner Operations, Romania

“It's so easy to get side-tracked nowadays and lose your identity, your goals or your target. Vindya has helped clear my mind and my goals. Moreover, I now do things every day in a certain way that will lead to achieving my goals, thanks to her.”

Paulina ValdesCivil Engineer, Australia

“It was mind blowing in the sense that she made me open my heart and connect to my inner wisdom. It was magical as I original was feeling on a place of insecurity about my future path. But then, thanks to Vindya, I realized that I have all the tools and power to achieve my goals in my professional and personal life. I strongly recommend her. If you are feeling that you need a little of help to find your career path or your next step to achieve your goals, she will assist you in finding the answers. ”

Bilal ZafarDirector, UK

“Working with Vindya, I learnt more about my behaviour as a leader and the improvements I can make. The small adjustments Vindya helped me work through will no doubt continue to benefit me in a big way. Vindya is very effective in creating the space for introspection. She helped me arrive at actionable conclusions that I can start applying straight away. If you're looking for a business/leadership coach, I'd highly recommend Vindya.”

The not so fancy version

The Unofficial Bio

I have a weakness for Cuban Salsa and can't help moving my feet even when I hear Salsa music in the distance.

I love meditation (started when I was 5 years old) but every now and then I struggle to concentrate even for a few minutes.

I consider myself spiritual, however I love to have a glass of wine (or a couple!) and dance to some late 90s hip-pop in the background.

I love travelling although I'm yet to travel most parts of the world. Europe is next on the list.

I feel as insecure, doubtful and emotional as the next person; however, I've been genuinely happy with my life and have been for years

My first marriage failed and went through a very traumatic experience that I've since been able to erase from my mind with the transformative work I do.

So.......yes, I am human. If this is a little too real for you,too bad! 🙂

What's the Big Deal?

A World Class High Performance Coach

She has established herself as one of the best High Performance Coaches in the world.

Her unique skills for taking impossible goals with complicated challenges and breaking them down to have high performers achieve goals that looks ridiculous to the outside world is one of the reasons why she brings in results consistently. She is bold with her methods and famous for her controversial coaching style to create great results.

"Coaching is about unlocking someone's potential and showing a glimpse of the genius they could become. And personally, I find it thrilling to see someone go through that experience as well as it's humbling to be a part of their journey"

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The better better half

The Romantic

Vindya's loving partner Chris has been a critical part of her journey. Chris is Vindya's soulmate, best friend, partner in crime and aslo the business partner. They work together, travel together, and build businesses together. Chris not only runs his own business but help helps Vindya run her coaching practice.
While Vindya is great at working with high performers and heart based results creatio, Chris brings in the business strategy side of elements to the practice. Together they balance each other out and they've perfected the balancing act over the years they've been in business together.

1000+ Books Distributed

400+ kilos of Rice Served

160+ Lifes Changed

Be a part of...

The Humanitarian

When you work with Vindya, you become a part of something much bigger that you or her. Your investment will be an investment for a tiny person in need as much as it will be for you.