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How Nexba Turned Iced Tea Into a Global War On Obesity with Troy Douglas

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About This Episode

Ever wanted to build a brand that spans across the globe?

My guest today, Troy Douglas, Global CEO & Co-founder of Nexba Beverages tells the extraordinary tale of how at the tender age of 21 he partnered with his brother-in-law to disrupt the global soft drinks market.

Both boys had no experience in building a business or the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods market but yet they set on their mission and began selling their patented iced tea from the back of a van. Now Nexba is Australia’s leading Naturally Sugar Free drinks provider, having recently gone global and launched into the UK.

On Art of the Extraordinary podcast today, he shares;

1. How to stay on top of competition in a highly competitive market that’s already filled with giants
2. How to build a businesses with no Business background
3. Nexba’s Key Ingredient in growing fast in a highly saturated market
4. How to build a brand that would be successful in the long run
6. Growth that’s had to take place to become a great leader
7. One quality that’s seen Troy through set-backs
8. The journey to raising capital for a high growth venture
9. How to prepare for long term success
10. The wrong way to go about building a business

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About The Guest

Co-founder and Global CEO of Nexba

Troy Douglas is the co-founder and Global CEO of Nexba, Australia’s leading Naturally Sugar Free beverage brand now sold in over 3000 outlets nationally. With a passion for innovation Troy now heads up the International strategy, growth and direction of the Nexba brand.

Nexba was created with the vision to bring Naturally Sugar Free innovation to Australians and beyond in the war against obesity and diabetes. Now, 8 years since its inception, Nexba have received widespread recognition for their achievements in innovating and disrupting Australia’s beverage industry, including winning Product of the Year 2017 and the inaugural Telstra’s Alumni Achievement Award 2018. In 2018, as Global CEO, Troy led Nexba into their first international market signing a major deal with UK supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s.

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5 Secrets The Super Successful Use To Smash Through Glass Ceilings And Catapult Their Career To The Top

How to Grow a 7 Figure Business whilst living with a Chronic Disease

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About This Episode

How would you like to create a business that is built around your life?

Well…today…I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Higgins who has spent the last 7 years figuring out the exact steps needed to build a 7 figure lifestyle independent business. His inherited condition lead him down this path after a stellar executive career at one of the most recognizable brands (i.e. Coca Cola) on the planet, but his tenacity and grit saw him win against all odds.

On today’s episode Paul shared his experience on…

  1. How to overcome the challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur and doing what you really love
  2. Creating the support network that’s needed to push you forward
  3. Masterminds and how to use them to move you forward fast
  4. The knowledge from a global business leader like Coca Cola that helped in the business journey
  5. Common mistakes made when jumping from corporate to business
  6. How to do market research THE RIGHT WAY
  7. The mindset that requires you to be successful in business
  8. How to mitigate risk and dealing with set-backs
  9. Running a business on your own terms even with health challenge

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Other Resources Mentioned

About The Guest

Community owner, Podcaster and Tech Evangelist

After a stellar executive career at one of the most recognizable brands on the plant, Paul faced a decision of either staying and risking his health or leaving and extend it. He chose the later and started his own company. He became a world qualified coach, advisor to blue chip companies and a productivity expert.
Whilst he liked corporates, he had a desire to work with entrepreneurs and founded an outsourcing and tech consulting business to deliver extraordinary results for global clients. His health started to take its toll and he divested the outsourcing business and created a mastermind for employees transitioning into entrepreneurship. Leveraging from his own experience.
Today he helps corporate escapes to build their dream business without sacrificing lifestyle. He is community owner, podcaster and tech evangelist who is passionate about thriving with an inherited condition.

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5 Secrets The Super Successful Use To Smash Through Glass Ceilings And Catapult Their Career To The Top

Having it All: How to Make Use of all 25 Hours in a Day with Andrew Tjernlund

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About This Episode

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Andrew Tjernlund, who is known as the man who took a small family business to become Amazon’s largest supplier in the Industrial/Electrical space, on the show.

His lifetime sales on Ebay and Amazon are EACH in the 8 figures and he now also sells directly to Amazon from which a six figure order is a weekly event. He shared his wisdom about;

  1. Secret sauce to building a multi million dollar business
  2. How to turn weaknesses into strengths
  3. How to be creative to overcoming external roadblocks can pay in tenfold in the long run
  4. Building a business that’s stood the test of time for 4 generations
  5. Winning deals through beyond strategies and tactics
  6. How to deal with setbacks that you didn’t see coming
  7. How to plan for the changing landscape of business using time-tested business principals
  8. How to get to your goals faster using your strengths
  9. The secret that a lot of successful entrepreneurs don’t tell you about
  10. How work-life balance work in running a multi-million dollar

and much more…..

Hint: Andrew shares a great golden nugget (among many) about the winning approach to doing anything great

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Tjernlund Services

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Personality Types – 16 Personalities

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

About The Guest

Director of Marketing, Tjernlund Services

Andrew began his first importing business in 2005 at 19. Graduating with “High Distinction” in 2 majors from the Carlson School at 20, Andrew now owns and operates three businesses related to manufacturing, retail sales and third party marketplaces.

Took a small family business to become Amazon’s largest supplier in the Industrial/Electrical space. Operate that and several other businesses.

His lifetime sales on Ebay and Amazon are EACH in the 8 figures and he now also sells directly to Amazon from which a six figure order is a weekly event. Now 33, he lives in Hidden Hills Preserve with his wife and two young children.

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5 Secrets The Super Successful Use To Smash Through Glass Ceilings And Catapult Their Career To The Top

Insights vs Information with Vindya Vee

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About This Episode

If you wonder why another one of these podcasts is created when there are so many out there, this episode will answer the question and set the tone for the rest of the episodes for the coming weeks, months and years to come.

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About The Host

High Performance Coach, Author and Speaker

Vindya Vee is an internationally renowned High-Performance Coach who works with the world’s top 1% of talent. Her clients include business owners and executives & managers servicing Fortune 1000 companies working across 13 countries.

She is known for her unique skills in thought leadership, identifying unique talent & deep impactful coaching. She has a strong vision and great passion for supporting remarkable individuals create extraordinary success and exponential results.

Vindya’s dream is to help the hard-working women in our society who have a dream to not just make money but make a difference in the world.

Vindya helps men and women who are powerful and passionate, have a bias for action and who crave for more; breakthrough common threads, familiar mistakes, that hold them back from creating the business they love.

Her approach is powerful, direct and bold. She is known for her ability to make something that may look impossible, possible and create strategies that would serve as a catalyst for long-term change for anyone who’s ready to make an impact.

5 Secrets The Super Successful Use To Smash Through Glass Ceilings And Catapult Their Career To The Top

How to Build a Business Stress Free?

Regularly I speak with business owners who want to create an even bigger impact in the world with their product/service or message. And time again cannot help but hear about how worried they are of the future.

“I can’t sleep because I worry that I wouldn’t be able to close that 100K deal”

“I’m stressed that I I will lose it all”

“I feel burnt out and seem like I never get anywhere”

In all of these cases they work hard (12-14 hour days), trying to make ends meet, especially the first few years. And most of them even have lost the creative energy they had when they first started the business that they love so much, because they’re stressing so much.

From this space, as you can already tell, it’s almost impossible to create anything! If you’re somebody who thrives under pressure….bravo, you’re a rare gem. Keep reading if you aren’t one.

While all of these are valid concerns, they’re also unnecessary stress. Most of the time, these worries will never come true.

But it’s in our human nature to worry…

So how do you be free around creating a business, especially in that early stage when there are so many uncertainties?

Something that I always tell my clients is….

“It's not a sprint, it's a marathon” - Vindya Vee

A lot of us live like it’s going to end tomorrow, if I don’t get that deal… if I don’t convert that sale… if I don’t get that payment…

The list goes on.

So, we work our asses to the ground.

And quite often we end up feeling burnt out because we haven’t been listening to our body and soul when we need some rest. We haven’t been listening to our mind to know when we need to just take some time out.

Because we think that this is a short term thing, that we need to be over and done with. And if you can’t wait for it to all be done with…then maybe you’re doing something that’s a means to an end. (I talk about this in a previous article)

Because most of the time, the projects we work on, takes a long time to bear fruit.

Sometimes months…

A lot of the time years…

But most of us want results when? Yesterday.

Make more money yesterday.

Create more clients yesterday.

Build an empire yesterday.

But what if you don’t? What if takes a little longer than you expected?

Imagine what would happen to a marathon runner who run it like a sprint from the get go…

How long do you think he/she’s going to last? How long is he going to run until he drops dead on the track while the others who’ve understood that this is a marathon surpasses him?

I’m sure you familiar with the story about the tortoise and the hare.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

You might think “well…that sounds great but I’ve got bills to pay”

In which case, take care of those needs some other way. Have back-up funds. Create some reserves some other way. Buy yourself time, so that you can bring that creative energy back.

You know the one I’m talking about!

That energy that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re in your zone.

Because when you’re in a panicky state, you don’t think straight and you make all the wrong decisions.

Take the pressure off what you’re creating.

Whether it’s a business, a piece of artwork, a book you want to write!

Because with pressure you ain’t going to be your best self. The only thing that will happen is you get stressed out, burn out and make bad decisions.

Isn’t the whole point of what you want to create, to have fun while doing it anyway?

Have patience, put in the work, let go of short term outcomes because it’s worth the end goal and be in it for the long haul. Be the hare.

Run it like a marathon and before you know it, things will start to shift and fall into place automatically.

Gold medals aren’t won on the day of the race, they’re won in training.

Years and years and years of training. And it’s easy to forget that sometimes.



How Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things!

If you dream of doing extraordinary things but every now and then, you ask the question “Who Do I Think I Am?”…don’t worry…’s perfectly normal.

So today, I want to share with you a podcast I did recently with April Seifert on her  great Podcast Women Inspired.

In our conversation we talk about;

  • How we underestimate ourselves & what we are capable of achieving
  • The impact of other people’s words on our own ability to set and achieve goals
  • Imposter syndrome and HOW TO TAME IT!
  • Practical tips for playing bigger

Have a listen and comment below.

What has been your biggest insight from this episode?



How Successful People Jump Leaps & Bounds Before You Know It


I'm Vindya.

You know that you are meant to be doing something much bigger than you do now. You are even scared to say it out loud because no one would understand. Well, bring in your biggest dreams and your biggest fears and I will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible.

Time and time again I come across very smart people who would like to take their current role in their career to the next stage or double the income in their business, take on more responsibility, make a bigger impact, get more recognition, make more money … name it.

Most people come to me with very rigid lines in their mind about who they are, what they can and can’t do. And some of them even tell me that their challenge is that they need to be able to communicate better, write better emails, have more confidence, network more…and the list goes on.

As if they knew for sure that if they ‘did’ something different, they would have everything that they don’t have. Or if they stopped ‘doing’ some things, the challenges they are facing would go away.

And then they would be happier, have better people around them, be less stressed, take more vacations, make more money, make a bigger impact, etc.

So, the moment that they feel like something is missing their first idea is to upskill, do another course, a certification, a degree, work faster, work better, be more ‘productive’, manage time better, learn ‘persuasion’, “Win friends and influence people”, etc.

But very few people stop to ask themselves the question……

” What if I don’t have to ‘DO’ anything different?….”

“What if I’m not missing anything?”

“What if it’s about doing exactly the opposite of what I’ve been ‘DOING’ all this time….”

In fact…

What if it’s got less to do with doing…and more to do with how you are BEING?




What if it’s not another skills you need to pick or a course you need to do, another seminar that you have to go to….

But what if…just by shifting who you are being… challenges would go away….?

Everything that you want that you don’t have…would appear in front of you….

Everything that you don’t want to have in your life…..would just disappear like magic….

And every problem that you think you feel stuck in….would become unstuck…

Just…….what if?

This has been the basis of my work since I started my profession (sure… the skills, the tactics and the strategies play a part in it) and the very moment somebody realise this, their whole world changes.

But you have to be willing to open your eyes and look at the world from a different lens. And stop making excuses for the lens you are already wearing.

Because everything that you have in your life is because of the way you’re being right now. And everything that you don’t want in your life, is because you’re being in a way of attracting them.

So, before you think of taking another course, start another degree, or a certification….ask yourself….

What challenges do I wish would go away?

What goals have I been struggling to get to?

How am I being around these challenges?

Is it time to change the lens?

Now, I would love to hear from you:

What is one insight that changed everything for you from this article?

And what is one tiny action you are going to take as a result of that insight?

Use the comment box down below and share as much detail as possible in your reply as your story may help someone else have an even greater insight.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here.



P.S. Since it’s coming to the end of January 2019 already, if you still feel like you haven’t set yourself up to win, come join me and our community of extraordinary High Performers and let’s make this year an amazing one.

Got a difficult boss to deal with or a tough person to manage?

Since the industrial age, books had been written, trainings have been created and courses have been held on handling difficult people. Specially in the corporate set-up. There are lots of techniques among these that work to a great extent. However, I’ve heard of many cases and I personally know myself that none of these tactics have worked.


And 99% of the time it’s because of something that cannot be explained by logic, strategies and tactics. Yet, very few know about it.  The people who are aware of this are very successful at dealing with difficult, sensitive situations as well as have great awareness of themselves.


The reason why this cannot be explained using logic is because the root cause lies at a human level.

So let me tell you a story…


Once upon a time ago…in a far far away land…(just kidding)


Story 1


Once a highly talented professional came to me asking for help with his work. He felt like calling in sick every morning all because of one person: his manager… In his words ‘I feel like quitting everyday. I hate when she micromanages, it just drives me crazy. I think it’s time I quit’.


I’m sure we’ve all felt like this at one stage or another. While I felt for him putting up with this for 8 hours/day, 5 days a week, I needed to find out exactly what was happening. So through our conversation I found out she was keeping her fingers in the pie, at all times, just to meet her deadlines.


Unhealthy management style? Sure… But this was not the issue here. The issue lies in how he felt when she did this. And when I dug a little deeper I discovered the way his manager was acting made him feel untrustworthy, controlled and micro managed.


Something interesting about this professional was freedom was one of his highest values and her behaviour was triggering emotions from his childhood of not trustworthy, controlled and deep down feeling not good enough. So when he’d see her at work, he’d be angry, frustrated and anxious.


Maybe the manager was acting wrong, but regardless, the emotions being triggered had nothing to do with her. And the very moment he came to understand this, he became self-aware enough to create a strategy to deal with it.


Story 2


An Executive level manager once came to me with to complain about how a subordinate of his was super difficult to manage. He said he tried everything in the textbook and nothing seem to work!


The Executive manager was even considering letting her go because she’d been ‘told’ many times and still no improvement.


When I dug deeper (as I do!) it was clear the subordinate was not necessarily acting disrespectfully, but rather some of the things she did (for whatever the reason) the Executive was giving it the meaning ‘disrespectful’.


And not surprisingly….this wasn’t the first time someone had been acting this way…


It turned out, this subordinate’s behaviour was triggering a memory of people from his childhood! (crazy, right?)


And what was happening was, because this being a sensitive spot for the Executive, everytime someone behaved even remotely close to the behaviour he saw as a child, it brings back all the negative emotions he felt when he was a child.


Hence, ‘that person is disrespectful’!




So what’s the point?


When we interact with other, even for a brief moment, we filter a lot of information we see, hear and feel through our past experiences, a lot even from childhood. And as a result, a lot of emotions get triggered even when they have no relevance.


Unless you are a very self aware person and have dealt with all of the baggage from the past (regardless how perfect you think your childhood was) it’s very easy to miss this.


‘So what do I do about this Vindya?’…


Well….have you encountered the same kind of scenario with different people from different teams or companies in the past? Think of a person you’ve had difficulty dealing with…


How do they make you feel?

What do they do to make you feel that way?

Are there patterns in behaviour?

Who from your past gave you the same negative feelings?


Please note that for you to do this, you have really dig deep into your psyche. I may make it sound easy as I’ve been doing what I do for years.


Some of the most mysterious cases gets resolved this way. While all tactics you’ve learned will make you a great professional, being aware of the emotional side would move you leaps and bounds.


So here’s the challenge I would like to leave you with…


What relationship do you have at work, in your business or at home, do you wish was easier?


And if you do change things around, how would that change things for you?




P.S. If you’d like to know more, download free book ‘5 Secrets The Super Successful Use To Smash Through Glass Ceilings And Catapult Their Career To The Top’.

How to make FEAR Your Weapon

Is there a project/idea that you’ve been craving to take on?
But you never got started with it…

Maybe the time was never right.
Maybe there wasn’t enough money.
Maybe you never found the courage to move forward with it

Or maybe when you think of starting, you ask the question…

‘Who do you think you are to be dreaming of doing something so big…..when you are not even good enough to be doing what you’re doing now’

Each and every one of us has asked this from yourself at one stage or another….

And most people would take it to heart and stop….

Stop dreaming.
Stop growing.
They stay put.
Stay mediocre.
Stay invisible.
Continue to be comfortable…

…so you don’t get hurt if you fail!

But the few who understand these thoughts are actually normal… are the ones who make the impossible happen….


First of… if you’ve had these thoughts, the only thing it means is that you’re human!

As humans, biologically we’re wired to feel fear when we’re in danger!

It’s good!
It’s normal!
It keeps us safe!

Unfortunately….the part where we get tricked is when our subconscious has a hard time differentiating real danger (like a tiger in your room) to a made up fear (like speaking in front of an audience).

So the very moment you try to do something different….
Something out of the ordinary….
Something that makes your heart sing although it makes no logical sense….

Your subconscious kicks in the same danger response because it’s wired itself to believe that ‘new’ = danger!
But in actual fact it just wants you to be safe….

Safe from getting hurt (that you may not feel)…
Safe from failure (that might not happen)…
Safe from the humiliation (you most likely will not face)…
So we make a decision to become the person who never tried….
Because if you don’t try, you’d will definitely fail.
I can also guarantee you that you would NEVER know what you could become either!
The difference between a person who does extraordinary things and the person who’s ordinary, is that the person who’s extraordinary understands the fear, acknowledged it…
And sent it aside as just a thought in their mind….
Nothing more…nothing less….
Fear is often the greatest indicator of something amazing you want to create, become or do…

The question is: which way will you use it…
Would you use is as a security blanket….
Or would you use it as a weapon to move forward?



P.S. If this is the year you’re going to use your fear as your weapon – in a community of talented high performers – then Click Here.

Why You Never Achieve the Things on Your Vision Board…(and what to do about it!)

So…you’ve been thinking about doing a vision board but never got around to it!

Or….you’ve had one for some time but still there’s a lot of stuff that’s been there for quite a while, but never realised!

Maybe you’re not even sure whether it would be possible to get everything you want in life, because it looks so far away from where you are.

After a few conversations with a number of my clients, I thought I’d set the record straight!

Vision boards are NOT a board with pretty pictures of sceneries, blue skies and beaches to look at. If you want to do it right and actually achieve the things on your vision board, there’s certain do’s and don’t that apply.

So, let me start with a vision board that I picked randomly to take as examples of WHAT NOT TO DO when you create a vision board.

The universe around you is very creative & powerful and it can make anything happen for you. Now…although the universe is very powerful….It cannot read your mind and the only thing it has to go on making your vision a reality is what you put down on the board.

So…let me read this board as the universe would….

0. She wants go on camping

  1. She want a bottle of wine and 2 full glasses
  2. She wants a guitar (or go for guitar lessons?)
  3. She wants play with a bunch of balloons
  4. She would like to have a bowl of fruit
  5. She wants to have a window like that, wood floors and white benchtop
  6. Some words that she likes (not sure what to do with that)
  7. She wants to stay in a hotel with a pool like that (in Bali?)
  8. She wants a bicycle
    You get my point…..!

But my feeling is that the person who created this board just wanted to have fun, enjoy, relax and have more holidays. But unfortunately, the universe read the vision board as it is. Literally!

At the moment it’s so confusing, the universe just gives up and forget about it. And that’s when the things on your board never come true.

So without taking any more time…here are tips to creating a great vision board that would actually get you to your vision without a fail.

1. Set-up only for the next 12 months
It feels great when we put up so many great photos of blue skies, holidays, babies, weddings, lamborghinis, etc. The chances that you would get all of them is not very little. And what happens as a result of putting things that looks soo…big, overwhelming and decades out into the future, is that everytime you look at it….it’s because something that’s merely a dream and nothing else. And every year when you look at them…you subconsciously don’t believe that you can get it. Because you’ve gotten to the habit of just dreaming about it.

Tip: Have only the things you want to achieve (holidays, buying a new dress, getting married, buying the next car,etc) on the board.

2. Have things that inspire you on a seperate board
A lot of the time we mix up inspiration with our mission. For an example, if there are words (like on the board above), quotes, celebrities that when you look at them that inspires you, remove them from the vision board and have them on a different wall/board.

The only time you’d have a celebrity (or a person you look up to) on the vision board is when you have real plans to go and meet that person within the coming 12 months. Otherwise, they have nothing to do with your vision board.

3. Be as real as you can
Make sure that everything you put up there is as close as it can get to what you truly want. For an example, if you want to go on a holiday…research the exact hotel you want to stay at, the places you want to visit and have photos of those EXACT places/hotel room.

If it’s a car you want to buy, have a photo of the exact model/color of the car you would like to have. The more specific the better. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, design a simple book cover with your name on it and put it on a shelf of a bookstore photo.

So now you can see why a photo of a random hotel with a pool wouldn’t make sense to the universe.


Pro Tip: make sure you have few quick small wins that you can have in a couple of months time. Then when you achieve them, the universe knows that you are serious about achieving the rest of them, because you’ve already done it a couple of times. Make winning a habit!

Do you see how this is very different to having a board that you would feel depressed when you look at them day in day out?

So…what do you have on your board that might be too difficult for the Universe to read?



P.S. If you are a couple, get your partner to do it with you. They will love you for it. While this can be so much fun, this also becomes crucial in creating your life together. The only difference will be that there will be some stuff on the board that will be relevant individually as well as together.