How to Build a Business Stress Free?

Regularly I speak with business owners who want to create an even bigger impact in the world with their product/service or message. And time again cannot help but hear about how worried they are of the future.

“I can’t sleep because I worry that I wouldn’t be able to close that 100K deal”

“I’m stressed that I I will lose it all”

“I feel burnt out and seem like I never get anywhere”

In all of these cases they work hard (12-14 hour days), trying to make ends meet, especially the first few years. And most of them even have lost the creative energy they had when they first started the business that they love so much, because they’re stressing so much.

From this space, as you can already tell, it’s almost impossible to create anything! If you’re somebody who thrives under pressure….bravo, you’re a rare gem. Keep reading if you aren’t one.

While all of these are valid concerns, they’re also unnecessary stress. Most of the time, these worries will never come true.

But it’s in our human nature to worry…

So how do you be free around creating a business, especially in that early stage when there are so many uncertainties?

Something that I always tell my clients is….

“It's not a sprint, it's a marathon” - Vindya Vee

A lot of us live like it’s going to end tomorrow, if I don’t get that deal… if I don’t convert that sale… if I don’t get that payment…

The list goes on.

So, we work our asses to the ground.

And quite often we end up feeling burnt out because we haven’t been listening to our body and soul when we need some rest. We haven’t been listening to our mind to know when we need to just take some time out.

Because we think that this is a short term thing, that we need to be over and done with. And if you can’t wait for it to all be done with…then maybe you’re doing something that’s a means to an end. (I talk about this in a previous article)

Because most of the time, the projects we work on, takes a long time to bear fruit.

Sometimes months…

A lot of the time years…

But most of us want results when? Yesterday.

Make more money yesterday.

Create more clients yesterday.

Build an empire yesterday.

But what if you don’t? What if takes a little longer than you expected?

Imagine what would happen to a marathon runner who run it like a sprint from the get go…

How long do you think he/she’s going to last? How long is he going to run until he drops dead on the track while the others who’ve understood that this is a marathon surpasses him?

I’m sure you familiar with the story about the tortoise and the hare.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

You might think “well…that sounds great but I’ve got bills to pay”

In which case, take care of those needs some other way. Have back-up funds. Create some reserves some other way. Buy yourself time, so that you can bring that creative energy back.

You know the one I’m talking about!

That energy that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re in your zone.

Because when you’re in a panicky state, you don’t think straight and you make all the wrong decisions.

Take the pressure off what you’re creating.

Whether it’s a business, a piece of artwork, a book you want to write!

Because with pressure you ain’t going to be your best self. The only thing that will happen is you get stressed out, burn out and make bad decisions.

Isn’t the whole point of what you want to create, to have fun while doing it anyway?

Have patience, put in the work, let go of short term outcomes because it’s worth the end goal and be in it for the long haul. Be the hare.

Run it like a marathon and before you know it, things will start to shift and fall into place automatically.

Gold medals aren’t won on the day of the race, they’re won in training.

Years and years and years of training. And it’s easy to forget that sometimes.



How Successful People Jump Leaps & Bounds Before You Know It


I'm Vindya.

You know that you are meant to be doing something much bigger than you do now. You are even scared to say it out loud because no one would understand. Well, bring in your biggest dreams and your biggest fears and I will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible.

Time and time again I come across very smart people who would like to take their current role in their career to the next stage or double the income in their business, take on more responsibility, make a bigger impact, get more recognition, make more money … name it.

Most people come to me with very rigid lines in their mind about who they are, what they can and can’t do. And some of them even tell me that their challenge is that they need to be able to communicate better, write better emails, have more confidence, network more…and the list goes on.

As if they knew for sure that if they ‘did’ something different, they would have everything that they don’t have. Or if they stopped ‘doing’ some things, the challenges they are facing would go away.

And then they would be happier, have better people around them, be less stressed, take more vacations, make more money, make a bigger impact, etc.

So, the moment that they feel like something is missing their first idea is to upskill, do another course, a certification, a degree, work faster, work better, be more ‘productive’, manage time better, learn ‘persuasion’, “Win friends and influence people”, etc.

But very few people stop to ask themselves the question……

” What if I don’t have to ‘DO’ anything different?….”

“What if I’m not missing anything?”

“What if it’s about doing exactly the opposite of what I’ve been ‘DOING’ all this time….”

In fact…

What if it’s got less to do with doing…and more to do with how you are BEING?




What if it’s not another skills you need to pick or a course you need to do, another seminar that you have to go to….

But what if…just by shifting who you are being… challenges would go away….?

Everything that you want that you don’t have…would appear in front of you….

Everything that you don’t want to have in your life…..would just disappear like magic….

And every problem that you think you feel stuck in….would become unstuck…

Just…….what if?

This has been the basis of my work since I started my profession (sure… the skills, the tactics and the strategies play a part in it) and the very moment somebody realise this, their whole world changes.

But you have to be willing to open your eyes and look at the world from a different lens. And stop making excuses for the lens you are already wearing.

Because everything that you have in your life is because of the way you’re being right now. And everything that you don’t want in your life, is because you’re being in a way of attracting them.

So, before you think of taking another course, start another degree, or a certification….ask yourself….

What challenges do I wish would go away?

What goals have I been struggling to get to?

How am I being around these challenges?

Is it time to change the lens?

Now, I would love to hear from you:

What is one insight that changed everything for you from this article?

And what is one tiny action you are going to take as a result of that insight?

Use the comment box down below and share as much detail as possible in your reply as your story may help someone else have an even greater insight.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here.



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How to make FEAR Your Weapon

Is there a project/idea that you’ve been craving to take on?
But you never got started with it…

Maybe the time was never right.
Maybe there wasn’t enough money.
Maybe you never found the courage to move forward with it

Or maybe when you think of starting, you ask the question…

‘Who do you think you are to be dreaming of doing something so big…..when you are not even good enough to be doing what you’re doing now’

Each and every one of us has asked this from yourself at one stage or another….

And most people would take it to heart and stop….

Stop dreaming.
Stop growing.
They stay put.
Stay mediocre.
Stay invisible.
Continue to be comfortable…

…so you don’t get hurt if you fail!

But the few who understand these thoughts are actually normal… are the ones who make the impossible happen….


First of… if you’ve had these thoughts, the only thing it means is that you’re human!

As humans, biologically we’re wired to feel fear when we’re in danger!

It’s good!
It’s normal!
It keeps us safe!

Unfortunately….the part where we get tricked is when our subconscious has a hard time differentiating real danger (like a tiger in your room) to a made up fear (like speaking in front of an audience).

So the very moment you try to do something different….
Something out of the ordinary….
Something that makes your heart sing although it makes no logical sense….

Your subconscious kicks in the same danger response because it’s wired itself to believe that ‘new’ = danger!
But in actual fact it just wants you to be safe….

Safe from getting hurt (that you may not feel)…
Safe from failure (that might not happen)…
Safe from the humiliation (you most likely will not face)…
So we make a decision to become the person who never tried….
Because if you don’t try, you’d will definitely fail.
I can also guarantee you that you would NEVER know what you could become either!
The difference between a person who does extraordinary things and the person who’s ordinary, is that the person who’s extraordinary understands the fear, acknowledged it…
And sent it aside as just a thought in their mind….
Nothing more…nothing less….
Fear is often the greatest indicator of something amazing you want to create, become or do…

The question is: which way will you use it…
Would you use is as a security blanket….
Or would you use it as a weapon to move forward?



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Are You ‘Getting Ready’ To Pull The Trigger?


Are you ‘getting ready’ to pull the trigger?

One thing that fascinates me is all the ‘things’ people create that delays taking the the first step. Example: Someone wants to create a new product or service for their business, then they do everything BUT create a new product or service for their business.

You create all these ‘things’ to not do the one thing you actually want to.

You check your emails (for the 100th time).
You schedule weekend and weekday catch ups.
You check social media (I can hear some of you say…..’it’s for business!’).
You change the title of a blog post from size 14 to 16.
You relax, watch Netflix and say you’ve earned it.

This is called procrastination. It’s a learned strategy. Created from your behaviour and turned into a habit. And just like any habit, you can override it and learn a new one.

Just a few days ago, in the middle of a powerful conversation with one of my amazing clients, I came across this exact scenario I see time and time again. He was ‘getting ready’. And he’d been getting ready for over 6 months, making his product perfect. He wanted to get it just right.

But if you look under the surface, the real reasons are obvious:

The fear your ideas will not be liked by anyone.
The fear you’ll be judged and laughed at for your ideas.
(and if the above two are true) The fear you’re not good enough.

And guess what? All great creators, business owners and high performers go through this. The immense emotional and mental roller coaster takes over. And as a result, we become control freaks, perfectionists and procrastinators. We start making excuses, sit on the fence and think about pulling the trigger.

Some people NEVER launch, regardless of how great their product or service is. That’s why the graveyard is the richest place on earth, but I’ll get to that soon.

I know great people sitting on amazing ideas and products that would change people’s lives, bringing them so much joy. But the fears keep them stuck in place, like a deer in headlights.

Does this sound familiar? If so, here’s an analogy that will straighten things up:

You have a jug full of water…
and in the distant you see a group of people completely dehydrated…
They can barely move.
There’s no one else to help them…
But YOU have a jug… of water!
And you know you can help them!
You get excited!…
But then, what do you do?
You think….
’Do I look ok?…’
‘Am I good enough to be offering this water to them?’…
‘Would they like me for offering them water?’…
‘What if they laugh?’
‘Maybe I should draw a flower on it so that it looks cool!’…

And while you think all of this to yourself… guess what? They’ve all met their end! Yep.

And you didn’t even get the chance to offer them the water. Why? Because you were too busy doubting yourself. Sitting on the fence. Creating ‘things’ to do.

Here’s the kicker:

It’s not about you. It was always about them!

It’s not about how you look on camera. It’s about what you can do for them!

It’s not about how you sound. It’s about what results you can get for them!

It’s about how your ideas, products or service that can change their life!

And this is why the graveyard is the richest place on Earth. In the graveyard you’ll find all the ideas, all the products and all the services that were never created.

All the paintings that were never painted.
All the inventions that were never created.
All the businesses ideas that were never launched.

All because someone was too busy sitting on the fence, making excuses to not pull the trigger.

Now… A question for you…?

Have you had enough of sitting on the fence? Have you had enough of creating ‘things’ to do, procrastinating and ‘getting ready’ to pull the trigger? Are you ready to take your business to the next level, create a new product or a new service AND create the life deep down you know you want?

If you are, you’ll need to change your internal strategies, behaviours and habits. Because your current ones have kept you stuck in place. No doubt they got you to where you are today, but I promise you, they will not take you to where you crave to be….

You need new strategies, new behaviours and new habits to become the person who is capable of launching new ideas, taking things to the next level, creating a new product or pitching an idea (and look the unknown dead in the eye and know that no matter what…you will win).

People don’t stay as they are and just create an Empowering, EXPONENTIAL Life… They change their strategies, behaviours and habits which propels them to an Exciting, Extraordinary Life.

Does it work? Yes.

Is it hard? Yes.

Is it worth it? 100%.

The truth is, if you don’t pull the trigger you’ll never know how much you could achieve with your life.

If you don’t change your strategies, behaviours and habits now, all your ideas, all your hopes and all your dreams will end up in the graveyard. All because you couldn’t take the first step.

Turn your ideas and dreams into reality. Take the first step. Pull the trigger.

Cheering for ya.

– V