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About This Episode

How would you like to have an unfair advantage by embedding a few different habits in your team?

Today my guest is the Co-author of the book 11th Habit, Hanlie Van Wyk.

Hanlie shares her expertise in what habits creates great high performing cultures. Whether you’re in leadership and looking to build a great culture or working as a part of a company, this episode will surely bring some great advice on what makes good companies great. Here are some of the points we cover;

1. What habits in the workplace would increase performance
2. ROI vs VOI
3. How to build a team that gives you a competitive advantage
4. The speed it takes for organisational Shift to happen using the 11th Habit concepts
5. The new found research about what it takes to form new habits
6. The 2 habit that makes the biggest difference across the board
7. Changing organisational cultures to be more engaging and high performing
8. How these habits would play a big part in the changing landscape of business
9. How new businesses looking to build teams can leverage this to build high performing culture
10. Common Myths about creating a high performing culture

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About The Guest

Author, Researcher & Consultant

Hanlie’s obsession with human behavior started while growing up in South Africa. From working to prevent hate crime to humanizing the workplace, her career spans three decades and three continents. She currently works as Head of Research and Habit Change at the Behavioral Research and Applied Technology Laboratory (BRATLAB) in Chicago.

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