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Ever wanted to build a brand that spans across the globe?

My guest today, Troy Douglas, Global CEO & Co-founder of Nexba Beverages tells the extraordinary tale of how at the tender age of 21 he partnered with his brother-in-law to disrupt the global soft drinks market.

Both boys had no experience in building a business or the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods market but yet they set on their mission and began selling their patented iced tea from the back of a van. Now Nexba is Australia’s leading Naturally Sugar Free drinks provider, having recently gone global and launched into the UK.

On Art of the Extraordinary podcast today, he shares;

1. How to stay on top of competition in a highly competitive market that’s already filled with giants
2. How to build a businesses with no Business background
3. Nexba’s Key Ingredient in growing fast in a highly saturated market
4. How to build a brand that would be successful in the long run
6. Growth that’s had to take place to become a great leader
7. One quality that’s seen Troy through set-backs
8. The journey to raising capital for a high growth venture
9. How to prepare for long term success
10. The wrong way to go about building a business

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About The Guest

Co-founder and Global CEO of Nexba

Troy Douglas is the co-founder and Global CEO of Nexba, Australia’s leading Naturally Sugar Free beverage brand now sold in over 3000 outlets nationally. With a passion for innovation Troy now heads up the International strategy, growth and direction of the Nexba brand.

Nexba was created with the vision to bring Naturally Sugar Free innovation to Australians and beyond in the war against obesity and diabetes. Now, 8 years since its inception, Nexba have received widespread recognition for their achievements in innovating and disrupting Australia’s beverage industry, including winning Product of the Year 2017 and the inaugural Telstra’s Alumni Achievement Award 2018. In 2018, as Global CEO, Troy led Nexba into their first international market signing a major deal with UK supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s.

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