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About This Episode

How would you like to create a business that is built around your life?

Well…today…I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Higgins who has spent the last 7 years figuring out the exact steps needed to build a 7 figure lifestyle independent business. His inherited condition lead him down this path after a stellar executive career at one of the most recognizable brands (i.e. Coca Cola) on the planet, but his tenacity and grit saw him win against all odds.

On today’s episode Paul shared his experience on…

  1. How to overcome the challenges that comes with being an entrepreneur and doing what you really love
  2. Creating the support network that’s needed to push you forward
  3. Masterminds and how to use them to move you forward fast
  4. The knowledge from a global business leader like Coca Cola that helped in the business journey
  5. Common mistakes made when jumping from corporate to business
  6. How to do market research THE RIGHT WAY
  7. The mindset that requires you to be successful in business
  8. How to mitigate risk and dealing with set-backs
  9. Running a business on your own terms even with health challenge

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About The Guest

Community owner, Podcaster and Tech Evangelist

After a stellar executive career at one of the most recognizable brands on the plant, Paul faced a decision of either staying and risking his health or leaving and extend it. He chose the later and started his own company. He became a world qualified coach, advisor to blue chip companies and a productivity expert.
Whilst he liked corporates, he had a desire to work with entrepreneurs and founded an outsourcing and tech consulting business to deliver extraordinary results for global clients. His health started to take its toll and he divested the outsourcing business and created a mastermind for employees transitioning into entrepreneurship. Leveraging from his own experience.
Today he helps corporate escapes to build their dream business without sacrificing lifestyle. He is community owner, podcaster and tech evangelist who is passionate about thriving with an inherited condition.

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Music by: Wooden Smile
Song: Ziv Moran

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