Is there a project/idea that you’ve been craving to take on?
But you never got started with it…

Maybe the time was never right.
Maybe there wasn’t enough money.
Maybe you never found the courage to move forward with it

Or maybe when you think of starting, you ask the question…

‘Who do you think you are to be dreaming of doing something so big…..when you are not even good enough to be doing what you’re doing now’

Each and every one of us has asked this from yourself at one stage or another….

And most people would take it to heart and stop….

Stop dreaming.
Stop growing.
They stay put.
Stay mediocre.
Stay invisible.
Continue to be comfortable…

…so you don’t get hurt if you fail!

But the few who understand these thoughts are actually normal… are the ones who make the impossible happen….


First of… if you’ve had these thoughts, the only thing it means is that you’re human!

As humans, biologically we’re wired to feel fear when we’re in danger!

It’s good!
It’s normal!
It keeps us safe!

Unfortunately….the part where we get tricked is when our subconscious has a hard time differentiating real danger (like a tiger in your room) to a made up fear (like speaking in front of an audience).

So the very moment you try to do something different….
Something out of the ordinary….
Something that makes your heart sing although it makes no logical sense….

Your subconscious kicks in the same danger response because it’s wired itself to believe that ‘new’ = danger!
But in actual fact it just wants you to be safe….

Safe from getting hurt (that you may not feel)…
Safe from failure (that might not happen)…
Safe from the humiliation (you most likely will not face)…
So we make a decision to become the person who never tried….
Because if you don’t try, you’d will definitely fail.
I can also guarantee you that you would NEVER know what you could become either!
The difference between a person who does extraordinary things and the person who’s ordinary, is that the person who’s extraordinary understands the fear, acknowledged it…
And sent it aside as just a thought in their mind….
Nothing more…nothing less….
Fear is often the greatest indicator of something amazing you want to create, become or do…

The question is: which way will you use it…
Would you use is as a security blanket….
Or would you use it as a weapon to move forward?



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