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About This Episode

If you wonder why another one of these podcasts is created when there are so many out there, this episode will answer the question and set the tone for the rest of the episodes for the coming weeks, months and years to come.

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About The Host

High Performance Coach, Author and Speaker

Vindya Vee is an internationally renowned High-Performance Coach who works with the world’s top 1% of talent. Her clients include business owners and executives & managers servicing Fortune 1000 companies working across 13 countries.

She is known for her unique skills in thought leadership, identifying unique talent & deep impactful coaching. She has a strong vision and great passion for supporting remarkable individuals create extraordinary success and exponential results.

Vindya’s dream is to help the hard-working women in our society who have a dream to not just make money but make a difference in the world.

Vindya helps men and women who are powerful and passionate, have a bias for action and who crave for more; breakthrough common threads, familiar mistakes, that hold them back from creating the business they love.

Her approach is powerful, direct and bold. She is known for her ability to make something that may look impossible, possible and create strategies that would serve as a catalyst for long-term change for anyone who’s ready to make an impact.

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