Are You A Mover & Shaker Or Are You Just A Talker?

Answer this question honestly: Are you a mover & shaker or are you just a talker?

I talk to lots of people on a regular basis. Every one of them wants to achieve something amazing. Start a business. Become a consultant. Earn more money. Do work they love AND get paid. Most of the time, it’s all talk.

Whatever their goal is, I invariably ask the question “How many people have you talked to this week that can help you get your goal?” Let alone this last year…

Here’s some of the answers I get:
Ahh, well none.
I just haven’t gotten around to it.
Or the worst one…
Well, I’ve been reading this book that’s going to show me how to get it.

Curiously, I then ask a few more questions:

How many people did you message on Facebook?
How many catch ups did you schedule?
How many coffees did you grab?
How much time did you spend scrolling through social media or watching Netflix?

If the answers to those questions are greater than the first (especially by a lot), we’ve got a problem.

Many people talk a big game, but when it comes to taking the necessary action to achieve their goals, something always comes up. They’re talkers. They’re interested in success, but not committed. There’s a BIG difference.

Take my client Sarah. When I started working with Sarah, she came to me with a big dream. She already knew exactly what she wanted to do. Her goal was to start her own consulting business, securing 6 figure government contracts and servicing A-players. Sarah was excited, enthusiastic and even though she was quite experienced in the public sector, she was overwhelmed with everything she THOUGHT she needed to do.

So I asked her, who are the people that would know EXACTLY what to do? She told me the names of a number of executives. A-players. Industry heavyweights. The kind of executives that make people sweat just walking into their office.

I said great! Now go talk to them.


Go talk to them.

“Vindya… I can’t just go ta…”

Go talk to them!

I could tell she was intimidated. The very moment I told her to go talk to them, her mind said NO WAY. She decided she couldn’t. She gave me every excuse in the book.

“No one will speak to me…. I’m nobody compared to these people.”

But I ONLY work with movers & shakers. And despite her excuses, Sarah IS a mover & shaker. That was one of the many reasons I took her on as a client. So I set her a challenge…

Send out 100 messages to 100 executives, asking for a quick chat.

I’d thrown her overboard, in stormy seas and told her to find her way back to shore. I was there in the lifeboat keeping a close eye on her, but in the rough water was exactly where she needed to be and a task she needed to do.

You don’t grow by reading books or by doing another course. You grow by getting out there, jumping into stormy seas (metaphorically) and doing what’s necessary. I knew she could do it. And it’s my job to get her to do the things she doesn’t want to do, in order for her to have the life she doesn’t already have.

So after sitting on my challenge for a week, she finally started sending messages. And even though she thought it was going to be a complete disaster, surprisingly (to her), the complete opposite occurred…

These executives, these A-players, these industry heavyweights that she thought were untouchable and unreachable, some of them actually said yes to talking with her. A number of them were HAPPY she reached out to them! All because she ASKED.

And after the first few nervous interviews, she calmed down and actually started enjoying herself. Acting like a total Pro. Did she know what was going to happen before sending those messages? No, all she had to do was send the messages. And THEN take the next step. Something Sarah thought was impossible, was now EASY.

See, It’s not about knowing every single step of the plan and in what order to take. It’s about taking THIS step. The first step. And you think about the next step when you get to it. Even the best business plans are made up.

So, the results? From those 100 messages, 79 either said no or didn’t get back to her. 21 said yes. 21! And because of that, she received a serious advantage, insider information and knew EXACTLY what to do next with her business.

Now, a question for you…

Are you ready to be a mover & shaker? Do you have a big dream you want to accomplish, one that looks impossible? A dream everyone else says you’ll never achieve, but deep down, on some level, you know it’s exactly what you were meant for. If so, you need to become the person capable of achieving your goals and dreams, taking things to the next level and crushing your old standards.

People don’t just ‘talk’ about their goals and dreams and achieve them. They transform themselves into a mover & shaker and they are PROPELLED to their goals and dreams, creating an exponential life.

Is it hard? Yes.
Is it going to suck at times? Probably.
Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Truth is, if you don’t transform yourself into a mover & shaker and go after your dreams, you’re really only lying to yourself. And in 5.. 10.. 20 years time, you’ll wake up from your dream wishing you had the courage to start.

However, if you’re ready to become a mover & shaker and take the first step… I have good news!

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It’s a new world out there today and I can give you the tools to make your quantum leap and have the same advantage as A-Players, industry heavyweights and Movers & Shakers – however – if you do nothing, please remember, in 5 years’ time when you’re exactly where you are today, playing a smaller game and beating yourself up for it, that I did warn you.

WARNING: Before you apply for your free strategy session you must understand that this is NOT for everyone. This is not for ‘talkers’, people just ‘interested’ in achieving their goals and dreams and people who don’t want to do anything. If that’s the case go renew your Netflix subscription instead.

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To your success,

– V

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