Are You ‘Getting Ready’ To Pull The Trigger?

Are you ‘getting ready’ to pull the trigger?

One thing that fascinates me is all the ‘things’ people create that delays taking the the first step. Example: Someone wants to create a new product or service for their business, then they do everything BUT create a new product or service for their business.

You create all these ‘things’ to not do the one thing you actually want to.

You check your emails (for the 100th time).
You schedule weekend and weekday catch ups.
You check social media (I can hear some of you say…..’it’s for business!’).
You change the title of a blog post from size 14 to 16.
You relax, watch Netflix and say you’ve earned it.

This is called procrastination. It’s a learned strategy. Created from your behaviour and turned into a habit. And just like any habit, you can override it and learn a new one.

Just a few days ago, in the middle of a powerful conversation with one of my amazing clients, I came across this exact scenario I see time and time again. He was ‘getting ready’. And he’d been getting ready for over 6 months, making his product perfect. He wanted to get it just right.

But if you look under the surface, the real reasons are obvious:

The fear your ideas will not be liked by anyone.
The fear you’ll be judged and laughed at for your ideas.
(and if the above two are true) The fear you’re not good enough.

And guess what? All great creators, business owners and high performers go through this. The immense emotional and mental roller coaster takes over. And as a result, we become control freaks, perfectionists and procrastinators. We start making excuses, sit on the fence and think about pulling the trigger.

Some people NEVER launch, regardless of how great their product or service is. That’s why the graveyard is the richest place on earth, but I’ll get to that soon.

I know great people sitting on amazing ideas and products that would change people’s lives, bringing them so much joy. But the fears keep them stuck in place, like a deer in headlights.

Does this sound familiar? If so, here’s an analogy that will straighten things up:

You have a jug full of water…
and in the distant you see a group of people completely dehydrated…
They can barely move.
There’s no one else to help them…
But YOU have a jug… of water!
And you know you can help them!
You get excited!…
But then, what do you do?
You think….
’Do I look ok?…’
‘Am I good enough to be offering this water to them?’…
‘Would they like me for offering them water?’…
‘What if they laugh?’
‘Maybe I should draw a flower on it so that it looks cool!’…

And while you think all of this to yourself… guess what? They’ve all met their end! Yep.

And you didn’t even get the chance to offer them the water. Why? Because you were too busy doubting yourself. Sitting on the fence. Creating ‘things’ to do.

Here’s the kicker:

It’s not about you. It was always about them!

It’s not about how you look on camera. It’s about what you can do for them!

It’s not about how you sound. It’s about what results you can get for them!

It’s about how your ideas, products or service that can change their life!

And this is why the graveyard is the richest place on Earth. In the graveyard you’ll find all the ideas, all the products and all the services that were never created.

All the paintings that were never painted.
All the inventions that were never created.
All the businesses ideas that were never launched.

All because someone was too busy sitting on the fence, making excuses to not pull the trigger.

Now… A question for you…?

Have you had enough of sitting on the fence? Have you had enough of creating ‘things’ to do, procrastinating and ‘getting ready’ to pull the trigger? Are you ready to take your business to the next level, create a new product or a new service AND create the life deep down you know you want?

If you are, you’ll need to change your internal strategies, behaviours and habits. Because your current ones have kept you stuck in place. No doubt they got you to where you are today, but I promise you, they will not take you to where you crave to be….

You need new strategies, new behaviours and new habits to become the person who is capable of launching new ideas, taking things to the next level, creating a new product or pitching an idea (and look the unknown dead in the eye and know that no matter what…you will win).

People don’t stay as they are and just create an Empowering, EXPONENTIAL Life… They change their strategies, behaviours and habits which propels them to an Exciting, Extraordinary Life.

Does it work? Yes.

Is it hard? Yes.

Is it worth it? 100%.

The truth is, if you don’t pull the trigger you’ll never know how much you could achieve with your life.

If you don’t change your strategies, behaviours and habits now, all your ideas, all your hopes and all your dreams will end up in the graveyard. All because you couldn’t take the first step.

Turn your ideas and dreams into reality. Take the first step. Pull the trigger.

Cheering for ya.

– V

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