Fastest Route From An Idea to Business

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About This Episode

What would you give, to shortcut your path from an idea to a successful business?

Today my guest is Tammy Sorrento, founder of Fireball Approves, a private investigation agency. She has 20 years of investigative experience in the insurance field and she shares her story in how she went from an idea to having a business almost overnight.

Some of the points he shares include:

  1. How a personal event lead to creating a business in a blue ocean market
  2. How Tammy started a business almost overnight without any business experience
  3. The fastest way to go from an idea to business when you don’t have all the resources yourself
  4. How to use your own experiences to build a brand that would serve the public
  5. One thing that she did from day one in the business that saved her from making the common mistakes that other entrepreneurs make
  6. Hurdles that come with a business in a completely new market and how to overcome them
  7. The mindset shift you need to go through in creating a successful brand/business
  8. How your journey till now will come in handy in future big-hairy-audacious dreams
  9. How to look outside the box for new opportunities
  10. How to create partnerships that would give you a competitive edge
  11. How you need to trust your heart to take you on the right path at the right time
  12. One piece of advice that propelled Tammy forward in business that you need to hear


About The Guest

Private Investigator & Founder Of Fireball Approves

Tammy Sorrento has over 20 years of investigative experience in the insurance field. She has been a board member of the Jacksonville Claims Association for several years, serving as President and Treasurer. She created Fireball Approves Investigation Agency #A1800175 June of 2017. As a private investigator, her services are available nationally and she specializes in rental property verifications.

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