The Path to Entrepreneurial Success

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About This Episode

How would you like to have a clear path cut out for you as an entrepreneur while someone who’s already done it before hold your hand and support you along the way?

Well…todays guest David Selley, the Founder & CEO of the International Entrepreneurs Association, a global initiative teaching and training entrepreneurs via a network of licensed revenues sharing Executive Directors in each country with charity as a focus; joins me to talk more about entrepreneurship and how to be successful at it.

He shares:

  1. Why it’s a must to breakthrough the shackles of society if you’re to become a successful entrepreneur
  2. How the current school system maybe still letting down people who are born to be entrepreneurs
  3. The role of an entrepreneur in society
  4. Are entrepreneurs born or made?
  5. Core values and qualities of an entrepreneurial personality
  6. How to move away from over-priced business education and get real experts helping entrepreneurs change the world
  7. How to validate a business idea early on


  1. and…much more…

About The Guest

David Selley

Founder & CEO of the International Entrepreneurs Association & Author

David is the Founder & CEO of the International Entrepreneurs Association. A global initiative to teach and train entrepreneurs via a network of licensed revenues sharing Executive Directors in each country with charity as a focus. David has re-invented himself three times. Corp management 27 years, real estate investor 17 years and entrepreneur for 70 years. ( At 80 years and with lots of steam in the engine lol) he is an experienced radio and podcast guest. Great for business audiences!. David is an author with a Guinness record underway 5/28 /2019 in the publishing arena ( oldest author to publish the most books in one year) Visit www.famous50.com Known as a vanity publishing series where people can be in a book of their choice and even perhaps become FAMOUS?

Born and educated in England David grew up in abject poverty which led him to run away from home at age 15. He jumped on a ship in Liverpool and ended up in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Starting as office boy with the phone company he was a district manager at 19, met his wife who was an operator who “got his number”! After immigrating to the US he spent 25 years in corporate sales and marketing management with major cosmetic companies ( Revlon & Lancombe) He has started or owned several businesses including restaurants, mail order manufacturing and even a criminal college. He has developed products, patents and trademarks and has been featured on national infomercials in the real estate industry. As an ex-pat Brit and a quick wit to match with his engaging personality he has been a frequent guest on many radio talk shows and podcasts.

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