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About This Episode

How would you like to open up to seeing hidden possibilities in your life?

Today my guest is Lawry Scandar, a Psychologist of 35 years, a speaker, author and educator. Lawry shares his expertise about leading a fulfilled life and opening to opportunities that you didn’t even know that existed. Some of the points we covered include;

1. What is The Awakening Point
2. The importance of being in Personal Power
3. Being Significant vs Playing Safe
4. Belief systems that keeps you stuck and why
5. How your brain keeps you safe and the impact it has on your life
6. How do you balance doing what fulfills you with what’s practical
7. How to change a goat track into a highway (listen to know what it means)
8. How to break out of feeling stuck
9. Difference in being interested and being committed
10. How to achieve big goals even when you don’t know where to start

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About The Guest

Psychologist, Sociologist, Speaker, Corporate & Community Consultant

Lawry is one of Australia’s leading MindShift experts with a unique ability for helping people release the mental and emotional obstacles that block them from achieving their very best in life and business. Lawry is driven by the belief that each of us has the will and the right to live a life fulfilled, doing what we love, and making a difference in our own life, and the lives of our families, and those in any communities we touch!

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