Why You Never Achieve the Things on Your Vision Board…(and what to do about it!)

So…you’ve been thinking about doing a vision board but never got around to it!

Or….you’ve had one for some time but still there’s a lot of stuff that’s been there for quite a while, but never realised!

Maybe you’re not even sure whether it would be possible to get everything you want in life, because it looks so far away from where you are.

After a few conversations with a number of my clients, I thought I’d set the record straight!

Vision boards are NOT a board with pretty pictures of sceneries, blue skies and beaches to look at. If you want to do it right and actually achieve the things on your vision board, there’s certain do’s and don’t that apply.

So, let me start with a vision board that I picked randomly to take as examples of WHAT NOT TO DO when you create a vision board.

The universe around you is very creative & powerful and it can make anything happen for you. Now…although the universe is very powerful….It cannot read your mind and the only thing it has to go on making your vision a reality is what you put down on the board.

So…let me read this board as the universe would….

0. She wants go on camping

  1. She want a bottle of wine and 2 full glasses
  2. She wants a guitar (or go for guitar lessons?)
  3. She wants play with a bunch of balloons
  4. She would like to have a bowl of fruit
  5. She wants to have a window like that, wood floors and white benchtop
  6. Some words that she likes (not sure what to do with that)
  7. She wants to stay in a hotel with a pool like that (in Bali?)
  8. She wants a bicycle
    You get my point…..!

But my feeling is that the person who created this board just wanted to have fun, enjoy, relax and have more holidays. But unfortunately, the universe read the vision board as it is. Literally!

At the moment it’s so confusing, the universe just gives up and forget about it. And that’s when the things on your board never come true.

So without taking any more time…here are tips to creating a great vision board that would actually get you to your vision without a fail.

1. Set-up only for the next 12 months
It feels great when we put up so many great photos of blue skies, holidays, babies, weddings, lamborghinis, etc. The chances that you would get all of them is not very little. And what happens as a result of putting things that looks soo…big, overwhelming and decades out into the future, is that everytime you look at it….it’s because something that’s merely a dream and nothing else. And every year when you look at them…you subconsciously don’t believe that you can get it. Because you’ve gotten to the habit of just dreaming about it.

Tip: Have only the things you want to achieve (holidays, buying a new dress, getting married, buying the next car,etc) on the board.

2. Have things that inspire you on a seperate board
A lot of the time we mix up inspiration with our mission. For an example, if there are words (like on the board above), quotes, celebrities that when you look at them that inspires you, remove them from the vision board and have them on a different wall/board.

The only time you’d have a celebrity (or a person you look up to) on the vision board is when you have real plans to go and meet that person within the coming 12 months. Otherwise, they have nothing to do with your vision board.

3. Be as real as you can
Make sure that everything you put up there is as close as it can get to what you truly want. For an example, if you want to go on a holiday…research the exact hotel you want to stay at, the places you want to visit and have photos of those EXACT places/hotel room.

If it’s a car you want to buy, have a photo of the exact model/color of the car you would like to have. The more specific the better. If you’ve always wanted to write a book, design a simple book cover with your name on it and put it on a shelf of a bookstore photo.

So now you can see why a photo of a random hotel with a pool wouldn’t make sense to the universe.


Pro Tip: make sure you have few quick small wins that you can have in a couple of months time. Then when you achieve them, the universe knows that you are serious about achieving the rest of them, because you’ve already done it a couple of times. Make winning a habit!

Do you see how this is very different to having a board that you would feel depressed when you look at them day in day out?

So…what do you have on your board that might be too difficult for the Universe to read?



P.S. If you are a couple, get your partner to do it with you. They will love you for it. While this can be so much fun, this also becomes crucial in creating your life together. The only difference will be that there will be some stuff on the board that will be relevant individually as well as together.